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A Blockchain Project: Mohikan

In this journey we have taken with the Fenerbahçe Sports Club, our primary purpose is to combine the databases of different associations of Fenerbahçe over Blockchain and add a new dimension to our planned crypto-asset project KYF (Know Your Fun).


The project Mohikan is not just a mobile wallet but also a gamification-based loyalty system and a point system connected to that. At the beginning point of the project, all of the fan engagement regarding the databases has turned into meaningful data thanks to the Blockchain and tokenization of the data and tied to a mobile wallet so that the club could recognize its fans.

Whenever you engage with the Taraftar Kart, Fenerium, Sicil, Fenerol, season tickets, ticketing, sports schools, organizations and fan club, all the data will be unified and then enriched to be used later for the personalization of the fan experience.


As Fexperience team, during all of these processes we have worked on Mohikan’s brand identity and brand experience. We have also created unique scenarios for fans to relive over Mohikan that cannot be bought with money. At the launch of the project, we invited 1907 different people, representing the foundation year of the club, to the live Zoom interview and take their questions and comments.             


And then, the application was combined with the Fenerbahçe token and turned into the official Fenerbahçe app. The experiences lived through Fenerbahçe Token increase every day and create a strong connection between the club and its fans.

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