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Akasya Token



Developed under a blockchain network and symbolizing a digital asset, the concept of a token can be grouped under different classes depending on their functions. When the token can offer benefits and privileges to its owner and its nature is similar to a loyalty program it is called a utility token.


Akasya Token is a utility token that will offer its owners different benefits, privileges and priorities in the shopping mall. By nature, Akasya Token can work like a loyalty program but also can be bought and sold in the crypto asset exchanges. With that, you can use your Akasya Token to take advantage of campaigns free of charge or buy and sell them on the exchanges where it is listed.


In addition to that, the unique digital asset NFTs can also be bought and sold in the Akasya Token economy. Akasya NFT collections offer their owners active and passive token income while offering prioritized advantages for joining the token economy.

Akasya Token Utility


Through Akasya Token and NFT collections that only Akasya Token owners can buy, unique benefits will be offered.


Active / Passive Income Opportunity


Akasya Token owners will have the opportunity to have an active and/or passive income through using different token management mechanisms.


Akasya Token brings solution to the personalized visitor experience problem.


Thanks to the opportunities brought on by blockchain technology, smart contracts and decentralist autonom organizations (DAO) we will be able to personalize the experience between visitors and service providers by decentralized it to have a chance to make a connection between two parties. Akasya Token will bring a solution to all the problems caused by traditional loyalty programs for Akasya Token owners and all the shops inside the mall that would become a communication point for all the visitors.

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