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Müzeden al is a digital brand, working under Anadolu Cultural Entrepreneurship organization that manages more than 180 museum and archeological sites and the world’s largest museum shop chain, answering to T.C. Culture and Tourism Ministry.


Muzedenal offers a wide selection of products such as unique handmade objects, replicates of historical treasures, pieces of jewelry, decorative sculptures, published books and fine jewelry that can be used in daily life.

Alongside tangible heritage, we are also taking care of our intangible cultural heritages and helping them become better known. Taking inspiration from our culture, we are blending history, tradition, and experiences with beauty to create our products.


Our products are a reflection of our commitment to our history and our culture and the profit we generate from them is being used for funding and resources for the archeological sites in the Anadolu region to help discover and promote the cultural and historical heritage. We have also collaborated with famous designers to create limited collections.



Troy Ancient City undoubtedly holds a dear place in the world heritage and the Hatice Gökçe Troy Museum Collection was inspired by its epic story and takes on a journey between history’s traditional and deep footsteps and the modern fashion world. Designer Hatice Gökçe takes inspiration from this city with its roots going back to 3000 B.C. and carries it to today’s world with a sustainable fashion sense. This collection has been produced in a limited amount and invites you to witness a modern re-imagination of Troy.


Next, there is a specially created museum experience for Muzedenal over blockchain and designing of the unique experiences in the museum.

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